Shopping and use skills of TV boxes

In recent years, the traditional TV industry is experiencing a baptism of the Internet tide. All Internet companies have launched Internet TV products such as TV boxes, smart TVs, and the trepidation of the original relatively calm TV market. I have already proposed in the article “The Development Trend of Smart TV”. The best choice […]

Google Close Image Service Picasa

Google Picasa officially announced that Google will start support to the Picasa desktop version on March 16, 2016, and close the Picasa Web Albums shared service on May 1, and will also stop supporting some of the Picasa API. GooglePicasa is a product of Google’s acquisition in 2004, and the main features include network albums […]

Tencent confirmed the agent Nintendo Switch

On April 26, Tencent released an announcement that it was confirmed that the agent of Nintendch’s Switch game machine will be released, the date and pricing will be announced later.This news was also announced earlier. SWTICH is one of the most successful game consoles sold by Nintendo. As of the end of March 2019, SWTICH […]

Have to say the status quo of WeChat

WeChat, not only as a communication tool, it has evolved into a lifestyle. According to a statist, the average per person opened 100 times a day. What a huge number of numbers, how shocking things. No matter whether you admit or say, you can say that you haven’t driven WeChat now. Have to say, WeChat […]

Google launches Art Transfer photo art style conversion tool

With the development of machine learning and artificial intelligence technology, the search giant Google has applied its own research results to face. For example, a tool named Art Transfer can be converted into a specific artist’s style. The company said in a blog article: It is not to create a superimposed layer on the original […]

DROPBOX Picture Management Application Carousel

With the increasing popularity of digital cameras and smartphones, traditional albums have gradually disappeared from people’s daily lives, and they replaced themselves a photo management app that is pre-installed in user smartphones. For some people who are adhered to, this may represent a reverse of life quality. However, for GenTry-Andwood (Gentry underwood) Dropbox’s new photos […]

WeChat launches chat record pay cloud storage service

According to China Daily Network, Tencent intends to launch personal WeChat cloud storage payment services, meaning that WeChat chat records can realize cloud backup and recovery. Currently, WeChat only supports migration chat to record another device and backup chat to record the computer. If the device is lost, the data that is not timely backup […]

Current status and future of cloud storage

A few days ago, as the 115 outer chain is closed, 115 has fallen into a tragedy, and 115 enters the new model. The author also begins to think about the future of cloud storage. From the beginning of the 2008 cloud computing concept, Dropbox, Microsoft’s SkyDrive, 115 began to enter the public vision. The […]

XMarks service is about to close

LastPass sent an email announced that the XMarks service will be closed on May 1, 2018, when all the bookmarks in the user account will be deleted, and the user will not be able to access the XMarks website. Xmarks is a quite popular cross-platform social bookmark extension, and its predecessor is Foxmarks, XMarks launched […]

Practical skills of self-made Kindle e-book transformation

Summary: Homemade e-books send the Kindle personal document, adjust the line spacing method: Do not use Calibre to make Mobi e-books, but make EPUB e-books, adjust the minutes from the EPUB, using Amazon’s official Kindlegen conversion software to convert EPUB to Mobi files And then send the cloud from normal e-book. When using Kindle reading […]