Recommendations on monitoring

Simple monitoring for all SHIP systems

It is recommended, to aim for the installation of a simple monitoring system in all Solar Water Heating Systems for Industrial Processes (SHIP) of minimum collector size (e.g. more than 50 m2).

To ease the implementation, a “Simple Monitoring Package” should be developed, which contains:

1) Temperature sensors at the collector outlet and the top and the bottom of the storage tank

2) A sight glass in the collector circuit pipe for evaluation, if the collector circuit is running

3) A heat meter to be installed in the hydraulic circuit between storage and heat demanding process, measuring the amount of solar heat delivered to the process

4) A “Guideline on Simple Monitoring” with information, where and why these sensors and the heat meter should be installed and how they are used to evaluate, if the system is operating as expected. In addition, information is given, how to get information on the on-site solar irradiation and how to take it into account.

For implementation, following actions should be taken:

Actor Action
Manufacturers / System integrators

Promote simple monitoring by

  • offering their customers “Simple Monitoring Packages” at a fixed price and
  • providing information on the aim of simple monitoring, on the equipment to be installed and how it can be used (according the “guideline on simple monitoring”)

Ask their SHIP suppliers

  • to predict, how much solar energy will be delivered by the SHIP system and how much fuel will be saved, and
  • to offer a “Simple Monitoring Package”, which allows to evaluate the system performance.

Support the market introduction of “Simple Monitoring Packages” by

  • upporting a market introduction project with manufacturers and experts/science sector to develop the package (propose specifications and products for the sensors) and the guideline
  • providing incentives for the market introduction phase (e.g. a grant for the first 1000 packages or the first year of introduction)
  • stimulation and support of training courses to do simple monitoring
  • stimulation and financing of a scientific project, which evaluates the implementation of the packages, the related challenges, the solar energy generated and measured and the experiences of the operators
Science sector

Accompany the market introduction by

  • supporting manufacturers and the Government by developing the simple monitoring package and developing the guidelines
  • carrying out an evaluation project on the implementation of simple monitoring packages and develop recommendations on possible improvements
  • carrying out scientific monitoring of a few SHIP systems with the aim to compare the results of the simple monitoring with scientific monitoring

Scientific monitoring of a few SHIP systems

The objectives of scientific monitoring are a precise and detailed analysis of the SWHS behaviour and the identification of possible improvements. Therefore, more temperature and flow sensors must be installed, which provide data with a higher accuracy, and the data must be processed and analysed in an appropriate computer program. This is costly and requires scientific experts.

To better understand the Indian SHIP system designs and the existing challenges, and develop improvements based on detailed scientific work, it is recommended to conduct a project on scientific monitoring of some SHIP systems in the field. The objectives should be to understand their behaviour, to identify possibilities to improve their efficiency, to develop technological improvements, and to evaluate the simple monitoring approach.

Further recommendations

Further explanations are given and recommendations also on technical development are made in the flyer MONITORING AND POSSIBLE IMPROVEMENTS OF SOLAR WATER HEATING SYSTEMS FOR PROCESS HEAT APPLICATIONS - Findings of the project SoPro India.