What is SoPro India?


India has an abundant potential of solar energy. At the same time, roughly 15 million tons of petroleum fuels are used in industries per annum to provide heat at temperatures below 250°C. 30 per cent of this energy is used for heating water. The use of fossil fuels leads to increasing operation costs and is responsible for global warming. In contradiction, solar water heating systems (non-concentrating technologies) can provide heat up to 90°C in a sustainable way, without fuel costs and without emissions, for low to medium temperature process heat requirements.

Problem Statement

Solar Water Heating Systems (SWHS) is a well-known technology, however, the deployment remains relatively low yet. One reason is the lack of awareness amongst potential customers how the SWHS are working, what their costs and benefits are and how much energy and costs can be saved by using SWHS.


The project So-Pro India provides on this website scientific information on system performance, information on reliability of the technology, and examples, how SWHS can be integrated in existing processes.

SoPro India project addresses the challenges of SWHS by conducting following activities: